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Miracle Advisory

International consulting boutique providing a full range of outsourced services in the areas of research, strategy, design and innovation development services to startups and large corporations.
Founded in 2019 by ex-consultants from Deloitte, McKinsey, Yandex, Goldman Sachs.

We integrate seamlessly into your processes as an in-house team.
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Our expertise
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We analyse the target audience:
— Conduct qualitative, quantitative and in-depth interviews
— Discover insights and growth drivers
— Develop marketing strategies
We define end-user profile:
— Determine what "tasks" your product is used for
— Reveal insights
— Develop and prove hypotheses
— Develop product strategies
We carry out usability testings:
— Evaluate the congruence between the app or website design and its functionality
— Analyse graphic elements, color array and perception
— Analyse text content
— Assess usability
We make competitive analysis:
— Define market leader and peer group
— Compare technical features and solutions
We conduct a market analysis:
— Estimate market volume
— Forecast CAGR
— Analyse Market trends
— Draft analytical reports
We evaluate the financial side of a market:
— Cost structure
— Typical expense items
— Average check
— Profitability
We know how to make your startup look attractive to investors, reflect its dynamics of development, its strengths and potential
We have years of experience in creating desktop presentations in a consulting reports format. We know how to properly convey your ideas to the top management of a company
We know what the heads of state institutions pay attention to. We will help you prepare clear and neat presentation while maintaining a formal style
We will help you properly structure the logic of the presentation and prove the effectiveness of implementing your project or creating a new product
Our specialists know how to properly present your project and convince management to allocate funds for a new direction
HR services, coaching
We build financial models with a high level of automation for both startups and publicly traded holdings
Comprehensive fair value analysis and valuation of NMA (technology, customers, trademarks, human capital), debt, derivative financial instruments and other assets
We help to find a potential buyer/seller, analyze synergies, structure the deal
We search for investors and help startups close a round of investment at a higher valuation
Review of financial statements and internal control systems
We offer financial solutions based on quantitative methods and machine learning

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Successfully work with corporations and startups
X5 Group
and many others
Sodis lab
Unique portfolio
Ruslan Islamov, CFO
A huge thank you to the team.
Mikhail Shergin, CMO
The results have helped us a lot in our work.
Daria Prytkova, Manager
Thank you for providing the analytics.
Taras, Product owner
Thanks for the great material.
Nikita Ryazanskiy, CMO
We are more than satisfied with the result.
HR Department

Thank you for the training! The staff rated the program 4.2/5.
Our core team
Experts with extensive experience
in consulting and cutting-edge industries
  • Nariman Khiramanov
    Managing Partner
    ex.: Deloitte, Borjomi

    Responsible for Strategy & Business Development practices. Take part in Product Development and Market Research practices and Innovation culture building
  • Maximilian Borovik
    ex.: Deloitte, BAT

    Responsible for Product Development & Innovations practices.

    Graduated from Michigan University, USA
  • Tagir Tagirov, CFA
    ex.: EY, Deloitte Paris

    Responsible for implementation of financial consulting projects - M&A, financial modeling, fundraising, valuation of business and intangible assets, audit, quantitative finance

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Examples of our reports
The data on the slides has been adjusted to preserve the confidentiality of customer information
Examples of our slides
The data on the slides has been adjusted to preserve the confidentiality of customer information

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